Goal: During the Discovery Phase, CHi Studios will map out – together with you – the landscape of your future Studio and broadly define the opportunity.

Overview: We will learn what is possible, what already exists, what other players are doing, and what we can do to collectively advance your initiative. The goal is to have a solid foundation and a clear definition of the opportunity.

Studio Examples: “AI applications in Energy”, “Creating visibility in Supply Chains”,  “Pursuing eco-shipping technologies”



Goal: We will define and validate the vision, mission, values, engagement format, budget, membership fees and deliverables for the initiative.

Overview: CHi will prepare, organize, and facilitate a series of working sessions that will begin to build the wireframe concept of your Studio. We will use our extended network to recruit 5-7 key individuals to acquire their insights and perspectives. The output will provide guidance on the high-level “reason for being” for the initiative, and will inform the details of engagement, cost of participation, necessary budget, and the overall vision and mission of the community. 



Goal: We will recruit the initial participants, formalize your Studio entity (either for-profit or not-for-profit or in-house), and refine the initiative’s format and program. 

Overview: During this phase, CHi will officially form the organization that houses your Studio, refine and document the rules of engagement, and recruit founding participants. As this Studio may require a Board of Directors, legal registration, documented bylaws and operating agreement, we will work to complete all of these tasks. We would begin collecting Letters of Intent for participation from external partners during this phase.



Goal: Time to announce your new Studio. CHi will facilitate the launch and first sessions, and bring participants to a formal kick-off meeting.

Overview: CHi will organize, program and execute the Studio’s launch, driving actionable outcomes through active member engagement. CHi will facilitate strategic member-to-member introductions, engage top-level executives through email updates, virtual platforms, and dinners, continue recruiting additional members, and plan upcoming activities (e.g. annual summit).



What topic would you like your CHi Studio to focus on?
Example topics of CHi Studios include Supply Chain, Sustainability, Energy, etc.

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